42" Inch Woven Floral Tapestry

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Italian Tapestry “Angel Flower Crown” Item
Description & Details
Italian tapestry peony bouquet scenery. This Italian tapestry is authentic and imported from Italy. I uniquely woven with a lasting blend of polyester and cotton and contains a higher thread-count more than twice the thread count and higher detail quality giving it a sharper and clearer image than most other similar tapestries. Italian tapestries are well known for their high-quality, beautiful and unique colors and intricate weaving. This tapestry is hand-finished to ensure a quality finished product worthy of displaying on your favorite wall. You will get one of the finest tapestries and 100% made in Italy this piece is authentic to its core.

• It's warm, earth-tone colors, along with vivid hues and subtle hints of blush will add a touch of elegance to any room
• It comes without edge finished or any hanging loops, borders or back-side lining it's just ready for you to use your home decor imagination and turn into a wonderful decorative piece
• Printed on black background woven
• Dimensions & Specifications: 26'' H x 42'' W