9" Inch Capodimonte Spaghetti Style Ceramic Vase

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The manufacture of our products follows the dictates of the famous artisan tradition of Capodimonte porcelain. Our porcelain is born with an idea of the artisan who, at first, realizes the design of the object. Then, he creates with a lathe the plaster model, which will be carved by hand, obtaining a cast object. After, the artisan pours the precious liquid mixture of porcelain into the plaster mood. Then, after the porcelain's dried up, he carves and cooks the porcelain at a temperature of 1250 degrees. At this point, the artist paints the object of porcelain, which is finally subjected to a final cooking to fix the color. The result is a valuable and high-quality piece, as required by the tradition of "made in Italy". Lastly, we remember that all our creations have the Napoleonic mark which shows the authenticity of our porcelain.